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Our team of experienced ecologists are passionate about investigating, delineating, evaluating and monitoring New Zealand’s diversity of wetland ecosystems. ENZL’s Team leverages our botanical, pedological and geo spatial expertise in identifying wetland ecosystems as part of a variety of scoping, feasibility and subdivision projects.


ENZL provides clients with accurate and defendable information on wetland presence, extent and the potential effects of proposed activities on ecosystem health and indigenous biodiversity.


ENZL’s Team of ecologists have been involved in the identification, delineation and evaluation of wetland ecosystems throughout New Zealand as part of projects such as in-situ and transferrable subdivision via the protection of natural wetlands, significant natural area determination, and ecological restoration.


Our ecologists are experienced and skilled at assessing the effects of vegetation clearance, earthworks, and wastewater and stormwater disposal, quarrying, transportation, residential and commercial development, on wetland ecosystems.

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