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Long Bay Lizard Salvage

Updated: May 15, 2018

By Marc Choromanski

Ecology New Zealand was contacted to assist with writing and implementing a lizard management plan (LMP) for a small subdivision in Lon Bay. One of our herpetologists attended an initial site visit to assess the condition of the available habitat. The site presented poor habitat being primarily comprised mostly of mown lawns and exotic vegetation. Only a couple of small patches of potential habitat for native lizards were present. Given the limited but potential habitat on site, a practical solution agreed by Ecology New Zealand and the client saw our qualified herpetologist supervising vegetation clearance in these areas. 

Neonate Copper Skink
Finding a needle in a hay stack can sometimes be easier than finding a neonate copper skink in bush

Our herpetologist was surprised when he discovered a the presence of copper skink (Oligosoma aeneum) in a small clump of bamboo. A nearby reserve provided ideal habitat for a relocation site. Both the council and the client were happy with the outcomes of this lizard salvage.

The above site demonstrates the importance of carrying out lizard management plans on all sites where suitable habitat is found, even novel exotic habitat can be home to a little one. All of our native lizard species are protected and all are facing increased pressure with the presence of exotic predators, habitat loss and the invasion of the plague skink. Every little bit helps in restoring our native lizard populations.

Weighing Lizards
Our herpologist was weighing this copper skink to report back on the ARD cards

If you have any questions relating to lizard management plans or just about our native #lizards in general contact one of the team for some friendly professional advice.

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