Meet Our New Freshwater Ecologist

By Simon Chapman, Principle Ecologist

Connor brings with him a wealth of knowledge on international freshwater restoration methodology

We would like to welcome Connor Whiteley to Ecology New Zealand.  Connor brings with him a wealth of freshwater management experiences. Connor has developed extensive experience within the environmental sector. Working in both ecological consultancies and environmental NGOs. His primary focus is in aquatic environments, with a high level of interest within catchment and fisheries management. Also throughout his career, he has also developed experience in terrestrial ecology including herpetology which he looks forward to enhancing further at Ecology NZ..

Connor is an expert in freshwater management practices. Above he can be seen carrying out monitoring and maintenance on a recently installed floating island (AKA floating treatment wetland).

Connor has over 6 years of both academic and practical ecology experience both in New Zealand and International. He has been involved with some of Auckland larger development such as long bay through to small scale wetland management plans. While working in the UK, Connor led a new multi-partnership catchment management strategy, which is now incorporated as national best practice. He has been engaged in a variety of environmental projects ranging from mitigation monitoring on projects to environmental representation national infrastructural planning hearings. 

Connor examining a recently created fish refuge.

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