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   Ecology New Zealand's team of ecologists are skilled in a wide range of specialist fields. The team is able to build an ecological project aimed at assessing the unique environment each project has. 

   Ecology NZ has leading herpetologists who are suitably qualified and experienced ecologists for RMA consent conditions to salvage and relocate lizards (skinks and geckos) away from works areas. We hold the required DOC Wildlife Act permits required to write and implement lizard management plans.

​   Ecology NZ has top level bat expertise including in-house Level 5 / Class E bat ecologist competency. We are experienced in Bat tree removal protocols currently used for NZTA projects and becoming more widely applied.


   Our ecologists provide a wide range of freshwater services including watercourse assessments, fish passage, fisheries management, catchment managment and fish relocation.

   The team have significant experience undertaking Stream Ecological Valuation (SEV) under Auckland Unitary Plan specifications. SEV is the current method for calculating a relative ecological value of a stream within Auckland. Our team are well versed in applying this method to determine the extent of potential stream impacts and to calculate ecological compensation for mitigation purposes.

   Ecology NZ look to continually research new technologies to improve New Zealands fragile freshwater values. 


   In order to create a tailored Ecological Management Plan involving restorative works, our ecological restoration team will conduct a baseline survey of the site to map various ecological features and assess the presence (or likely presence) of native fauna (such as lizards, bats and fish). Using our solid network of industry contacts as well as our depth of in-house experience in successful restoration projects, we will then construct a plan including techniques such as weed control, pest animal control and native planting that will restore, maintain or enhance the ecological values on site.

   We also offer the option to integrate advanced aerial imagery and mapping, provided by our own qualified UAV pilot, which can be used to optimise restoration works and track progress. Whether it be a small conservation initiative or a large-scale development project, Ecology NZ can provide the expertise to maximise your ecological restoration efforts.


Policy & Consent

The Ecology NZ team has proven capabilities in handling the ecological aspects of infrastructure and land development projects. We cover all aspects of ecology through the entire process from feasibility and design phases right through consenting / designations, ecological mitigation and management plans, and monitoring, compliance and sign-off. 


Our team members have played key roles on many of New Zealand's largest and most complicated infrastructure and land development projects.

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