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Ecology New Zealand is a leading provider of professional ecological services throughout New Zealand. Our focus is on providing our government and private sector clients with the ecological expertise required to meet RMA requirements as efficiently as possible.

The technical areas of Ecology NZ's expertise cover the spectrum to include terrestrial, freshwater, coastal and marine. We have the necessary permits, qualifications and experience to design and implement specialist assessments, management plans and mitigation programmes.

Latest News and Projects

New Market Lizard Management

One of the main goals of an ecologist is to maintain a balance between the environment and urban development, especially in the Auckland Region!

Ecology and the Drone

Find out how Ecology New Zealand is using  UAV to assess New Zealand's ecology

Lizard Season!

Find out about Steph's first week at Ecology New Zealand, and her work on New Zealand native lizards



9F Beatrice Tinsley Crescent
Auckland 0632
New Zealand


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